Le prix entreprenarial en innovation sociale : à mi-chemin du programme !

5 févr. 2024

Bendi was honoured to be listed as a finalist in the Entrepreneur’s Award in Social Innovation (EASI), a programme for purpose-driven start-ups run by the Company of Entrepreneur’s Trust in conjunction with the Company of Entrepreneurs

On a cold mid-January evening the Bendi team joined the other programme finalists for the EASI 2023 Showcase at the iconic Drapers’ Hall. Nestled in the heart of the City of London, the present building dates back to the 17th Century and sits on land originally bought from Henry VIII.

Bendi’s CEO Mandeep Soor was part of a panel discussion alongside the other four EASI finalists. She spoke about the importance of mentorship from those that have built companies and products before. With special thanks to Rick Lowe (a past master at the COE) and how valuable his advice has been in making decisions and negotiating commercial agreements at Bendi.

As an EASI finalist, Bendi has benefitted from the generous mentorship and networking opportunities provided by the Company of Entrepreneurs and their members. For an early-stage company, these connections are proving to be invaluable and Bendi is excited to continue building on these relationships in the coming months.